Pecs is one of the well known Hungarian beer breweries. It is part of the Ottakringer beer company.

High quality water is crucial for brewing beer.

Water sources

Raw water sources are generally classified under surface water (river, lake and spring), well water and sea water.

Water processing

involves the removal of water constituents harmful to any specific use like irrigation, potable and drinking industrial water.

The duty of a municipal water treatment plant is to provide potable water which is chemically and bacterially safe for human consumption.

Some surface water sources from total dissolved solids (TDS) viewpoint are acceptable.

The twentieth-century brewer needs advanced technology to make a product of uncompromising quality at reasonable cost.

Since water consumption and water quality are eminent factors in virtually all aspects of brewing, the significance of cost-effective water filtration in your industry is immense.

The technologies of water filtration and reverse osmosis for the brewing industry have reached and unprecedented degree of perfection.

Water UNIHA is eager to help you choose the modules and systems with the properties mandated by those stages of your brewing process which require filtration.

In other words, we want to help you fulfil your brewing objectives.

For specific process problem solving assistance or detailed information call UNIHA Wasser Technologie GmbH.