In order to extract potable water chemically and bacterially unobjectionable from the existing river water UNIHA constructed and installed highly complex water treatment plants in three Sri Lankan cities Weligama, Hambantota and Kataragama.

The project has been sold as a turn-key project including the supply of main water pipes, water intake systems and prefabricated water tanks to NWSDB (National Water and Drainage Board) for 2 x 5.000 m³/day, 1 x 7.500 m³/day.
About 150.000 citizens can be supplied with potable water due to the Austrian know how.

Treatment Technology

The characteristics of the System are the use of separate chambers for the specific reactions of the process to guarantee a maximum of efficiency on a minimum of floor space requirements and operating costs.

This to be done in four separate chambers in series equipped with mixing devices (mechanical or pneumatic).
The sludge is separated in a sedimentation section. The separate flocculation chambers allow adjusting the energy input needed for mixing and reaction due to actual requirements.

The following process components are part of the technology:

  • pre destabilization
  • contact sludge flocculation
  • polymer dosing & macrofloc formation
  • hydro pneumatic flocculation
  • sedimentation