Mashad is the second largest city in Iran and one of the holiest cities in the Shia Muslim world.

It is located 850 kilometres east of Teheran, at the center of the Razavi Khorasan Province in the valley of the Kashaf River near Turkmenistan, between the two mountain ranges of Binalood and Hezarmasjed.

Mashad features a steppe climate with hot summers and cool winters.

The city only sees about 250 mm of precipitation per year, some of which occasionally falls in the form of snow.

In order to supply the city with enough quantity of fresh water Mashad Water Authorities decided to construct a city water treatment plant with a capacity of 6 m³/sec.
In cooperation with the partner company Sazehaye Abi, a renowned hydraulic engineering company in Iran, UNIHA won this international tender of this project.

UNIHA was responsible for the delivery of the mechanical and electrical parts (equipment) and the required process engineering.

UNIHA provided a dam water treatment plant including:

  • flash mixing tanks
  • pulsation sedimentation systems
  • gravity filters based on constant filtration rate
  • pre- and post-chlorination system
  • pre-ozonation system
  • chemical solution preparation
  • dosing system
  • MCC
  • MCP
  • automation system
  • sludge condensation unit