The Morawa Regional Water Supply Program was developed by the European Union. 

Local water treatment systems are approaching end of life and needed replacement. Several systems were now replaced by the central water treatment installation supplied by UNIHA. The existing well infrastructure was updated at the same time. 

This project was implemented for the client European Union, represented by the delegation of the EU in the Republic of Serbia.

The J/V value of EUR 9.792.000 has been financed from the EU general budget.

Construction of Morava Regional Water Supply.

The implementation of the project was done by a Joint Venture with PORR Bau GmbH.

The WTP Trnovce - capacity 200 l/s receive raw ground water from the Trnovce well field and provide treatment to obtain potable water in compliance with applicable drinking water standards.

Serbian Drinking Water Quality Regulations ("Sl. list SRJ", br. 42/98 & 44/99) and the EU Drinking Water Directives (Council Directive 98/83/EC, date November 3, 1998).

Subsequently the treated water will be pumped via the transmission mains to the municipalities of Velika Plana and Smederevska Palanka. The treatment for the new part consist of aeration, two stage filtration, oxidation with potassium permanganate (if required) and disinfection. Raw ground water from the Trnovce field is characterized by presence of ammonia, neutral to slightly alkaline pH, and high concentrations of iron and manganese.

High pressure treated water pump station

Filter hall with filter medium:

  • Quartz Gravel 3.15 – 5.6 mm
  • Quartz Sand 1.4 – 2.0 mm
  • Quartz Sand 0.71 – 1.25 mm
  • Anthracite 1.4 – 2.5 mm
  • Manganese Dioxine 0.5 – 1.0 mm