Reverse Osmosis Plant in Hosco/Iran

Hosco is a huge steel mill, located in a Free Zone area, near Bandar Abbas. The only source for water is open sea water intake with a TDS of approx. 46.000 mg/l. At first, it was planned to use 30.000 m³/h seawater for the direct cooling system. Then the client decided to order the sea water desalination from UNIHA with a capacity of 30.000 m³/d, being used for cooling systems and other applications in the steel complex. 

Sea water desalination plant

A static screen with 6 m² surface area will remove coarse particles. This water passes through mixing and flocculation chambers. As flocculant we use polyelectrolyte solution.

Due to direct sea water intake we use deep bed, continuous backwashing gravity filters, getting SDI about 3 or less. The deep bed gravity filters by concrete have been constructed by client.

Filtered water is stored in a concrete tank with level controls & all accessories. Filtered water is pumped to cartridge filters with 5 μm filtration degree. The pumps are controlled by frequency converters, enabling the operators to adjust the feed pressure proportional to temperature variations.

There are 6 Reverse Osmosis modules with independent high pressure pumps, medium voltage, electric motor and energy recovery turbine.

The system is designed for a water conversion factor above 35 %. So efficiency and power consumption are optimized and the outlet of permeate water can be adjusted proportionally to the requirements.

Permeate water is stored in a 6.000 m³ storage tank is pumped to the steel complex, located 3,6 km distance from the shore area. Permeate water is conducted by a GRP pipeline, DN 600.

UNIHA provides also cooling towers and the interconnecting piping inside the complex.