12.000 m³/day in Marsa Matrouh/Egypt

Egypt is a country of water scarcity. More and more, the country will face water stress, particularly in the context of climate change and the rapidly growing population, threatening the progress that has been made. Sidi Abdel Rahman is a small settlement in Egypt. This desert and beach area is located in Matrouh Governorate and is often a resting point on trips from Alexandria to the Siwa Oasis and to Matruh. The Matrouh Governorate in northwestern Egypt has experienced considerable growth over the past decade as more people use the fine beach areas along the Mediterranean coast. The area is one of low rainfall and this growth has strained the existing sources of water.

Traditionally, water has been supplied to the Governorate by low-yield wells, rain water collection, seawater desalination, and Nile water delivered by train, truck, and pipeline. For many years there has been interest in expanding the existing seawater desalination facility to provide a reliable supply of water for this area.

A part of this program UNIHA was commissioned to install a turn-key seawater desalination plant. The raw water is taken from wells drilled in the shore area, so that the TDS of the raw water is similar to the seawater.

The plant consists of the following components:

  •  raw water storage tank
  •  feed water pumps
  •  media-filtration plant
  •  chemical dosing station to feed SBS and antiscalant
  •  cartridge filter with filtration degree of 5μm
  •  high pressure pump coup-led with energy recovery turbine
  •  RO skids
  •  treated water storage tank and the related pumps

The Plant is completed with measuring and control instruments for fully automatic operation incl. control panels, PLC, power distributor and all related cabling.

The main accessory of the plant is washing and flushing station for automatic flushing after each shut-down and manual washing with the necessary chemical circulating pump, cartridge filter and the related piping.